Great tips for a little extra zing in your cooking

Today's Tips:
• If you have leftover chili or leftover beans from a bean dish, use them to replace the hamburger for nachos the next day.
• Applesauce can be a life saver for a quick and easy side dish. You can jazz it up by adding red cinnamon candies, or a touch of vanilla or apple pie spice in place of the usual cinnamon.
• Keep packages of French onion dip in your pantry. For a great flavor enhancement, add a tablespoon to homemade macaroni and cheese, sprinkle on cooked veggies, mix into meatloaf or hamburger patties or just sprinkle on different meats. Be daring and try some sprinkled on homemade (or canned) dinner rolls or in your favorite potato recipe.
• When making boxed macaroni and cheese, add 2 slices of American cheese to enhance the flavor.
• To save yourself from having to peel so many mashed potatoes for a lot of people or if you are short of regular potatoes, peel 2-3 regular potatoes. Cook and mash them as usual and then add them to a prepared batch of instant potatoes. Your friends and family won't be able to tell they are instant because the real potatoes give them the real potato texture, lumps and all.